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ERW steel pipes are manufactured by low-frequency or high-frequency resistance “resistance”. They are round pipes welded from steel plates with longitudinal welds. It is used to transport oil, natural gas and other vapor-liquid objects, and can meet various requirements of high and low pressure. At present, it occupies a pivotal position in the field of transportation pipes in the world. If you are looking for welded pipe, seamless pipe, erw pipe, contact us to get the factory wholesale price with the biggest discount! Factory fast shipping, saving your time and cost.

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During ERW pipe welding, heat is generated when current flows through the contact surface of the welding area. It heats the two edges of the steel to the point where one edge can form a bond. At the same time, under the action of the combined pressure, the edges of the tube blank melt and squeeze together.

Usually ERW pipe maximum OD is 24” (609mm), for larger dimensions pipe will be manufactured in SAW.

What kind of pipes (standards) could be made in ERW processes?

There are a lot of pipes could be manufactured by ERW process:

Carbon steel pipe in ERW
ASTM A53 Grade A and B (and Galvanized)
ASTM A252 pile pipe
ASTM A500 structural tubing
ASTM A134 and ASTM A135 pipe
EN 10219 S275, S355 pipe

Stainless steel ERW pipe/Pipe standards and specifications
ASTM A269 stainless pipe
ASTM A270 sanitary tubing
ASTM A312 Stainless pipe
ASTM A790 ferritic/austenitic/duplex stainless pipe

API ERW Line pipe
API 5L B to X70 PSL1 (PSL2 shall be in HFW process)
API 5CT J55/K55, N80 casing and tubing etc.

welded pipe

Technical parameters of erw pipe

ERW Steel Pipe, ERW Casing, ERW Carbon Steel Pipe, MS ERW Pipe, GI ERW Pipe, Stainless ERW Pipe


OD (Out Diameter): 21.3-660mm
WT (Wall Thickness): 1.0-20mm or sch5, sch10, sch40, sch80, st, xs


for erw pipe

ASTM A53 B, A106, ASTM A178, ASTM A252
API 5L X42/46/52/56/60/70
ASTM A500, ASTM A513
EN 10204/10217 S235JR,S275JR, S355,S355JR,S355J2H

for efw pipe:
carbon steel efw pipe: ASTM A671,ASTM A672
alloy steel efw pipe: ASTM A691


3PE Coating 3PP Coating FBE Coating Epoxy Coating Special Painting

For ERW Line Pipe
For ERW Casing
For ERW Structure Tube
For High pressure and high temperature

welded tube

Chemical Analysis and Mechanical Properties

Standard Class Grade Chemical Analysis(%) Mechanical Properties(min)(Mpa)
C Mn P S Tensile Strength Yield Strength
API 5L PSL1 B 0.26 1.2 0.03 0.03 414 241
X42 0.26 1.3 0.03 0.03 414 290
X46 0.26 1.4 0.03 0.03 434 317
X52 0.26 1.4 0.03 0.03 455 359
X56 0.26 1.4 0.03 0.03 490 386
X60 0.26 1.4 0.03 0.03 517 414
X65 0.26 1.45 0.03 0.03 531 448
X70 0.26 1.65 0.03 0.03 565 483
PSL2 B 0.22 1.2 0.025 0.015 414 241
X42 0.22 1.3 0.025 0.015 414 290
X46 0.22 1.4 0.025 0.015 434 317
X52 0.22 1.4 0.025 0.015 455 359
X56 0.22 1.4 0.025 0.015 490 386
X60 0.22 1.4 0.025 0.015 517 414
X65 0.22 1.45 0.025 0.015 531 448
X70 0.22 1.65 0.025 0.015 565 483
X80 0.22 1.85 0.025 0.015 621 552

High-frequency straight seam electric-resistance welded steel pipe(erw steel pipe) is hot-rolled coil after forming machine, the use of high-frequency current skin effect and proximity effects, the tube edge heating and melting, squeeze roller under pressure welding to achieve production.

High-frequency resistance welding steel pipe, welding pipe and ordinary welding process is not the same, the weld is made of the base metal melt from the body, the mechanical strength is better than the general pipe. Smooth appearance, high precision, low cost weld high and small, favorable 3PE anti-corrosion coating. There are significant differences in the welding methods between high frequency welded pipe and submerged arc welded pipe. As the welding is done instantly at high speed, the difficulty of ensuring the quality of welding is much higher than that of submerged arc welding.

Steel pipe strength factory certification

ERW Casing

Standard: API SPEC 5CT
Application: Casing serves as wall of well

OD WT End Type
inch mm inch mm Grade
J55 M65 N80/L80-1 P110
8 5/8 219.08 0.304 7.72 - PS - -
0.352 8.94 PSLB PSLB - -
0.45 11.43 - PLB PLB PLB
0.5 12.7 - - PLB PLB
9 5/8 244.48 0.352 8.94 PSLB PSLB - -
0.395 10.03 PSLB PSLB PLB PLB
0.435 11.05 - PLB PLB PLB
0.472 11.99 - PLB PLB PLB
0.545 13.84 - - PLB PLB
10 3/4 273.05 0.35 8.89 PSB PSB - -
0.4 10.16 PSB PSB - -
0.45 11.43 PSB PSB PSB PSB
0.5 12.57 - PSB PSB PSB
0.545 13.84 - - - PSB
13 3/8 339.72 0.38 9.65 PSB PSB - -
0.43 10.92 PSB PSB - -
0.48 12.19 PSB PSB PSB PSB
0.514 13.06 - - PSB PSB
16 406.4 0.438 11.13 PSB - - -
0.495 12.57 PSB - - -
0.656 16.66 P - - -
18 5/8 473.08 0.435 11.05 PSB - - -
20 508 0.438 11.13 PSLB - - -
0.5 12.7 PSLB - - -
0.635 16.13 PSLB -- - -

Mechanical Properties

Standard Grade Yield Strength(Mpa) Tensile Strength(Mpa) Hardness(HRC) Impact Energy(J)(min) Impact Temperature(℃)
API 5CT J55 379-552 ≥517 - T-10-20(SR16) 21
K55 379-552 ≥655 - L-10-27(SR16)
M65 448-586 ≥586 ≤22 T-10-20, L-10-41 0
L80 552-655 ≥655 ≤23 C19-20, C76-77(SR16)
N80 552-758 ≥689 -
P110 758-965 ≥862 -

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